Parts of
the Team
Integral Parts of the Team

Within the Elite Dev Squad family, there exists a unique group that embodies the spirit of teamwork in an extraordinary way. They are like colorful fish swimming in an aquarium, filled with indescribable enthusiasm, occasionally bumping against the walls. Such behavior might seem surprising, but it is the norm for these special individuals. Each member of the team has their own fish, named individually and recognized by everyone.


When exhaustion takes hold at the end of a long day, and motivation seems scarce, all it takes is a gentle gaze at these lively creatures to rekindle the fire within. Their unwavering vitality serves as a reminder of the energy and drive needed to excel in their work.


A particularly touching moment occurs when  team member solemnly feeds our aquatic friends. For those brief two minutes, all eyes are drawn away from computer screens, captivated by the spectacle of the fish gracefully maneuvering through the water, creating artificial waves as they chase after small balls of food.

Just like humans, each fish possesses its own unique traits, mirroring the diverse elements of human character. Some are calm, while others exude liveliness. Some may seem misguided, yet others are remarkably tolerant. Despite their differences, this family lives harmoniously, never seeking to harm one another. Even when faced with adversity, be it a broken cabin or enduring nightly battles for survival, they stand united.


These remarkable fish have earned the title of veterans, for they have experienced and overcome challenges beyond imagination. Their resilience and fortitude serve as a constant reminder to the team that no matter what obstacles lie ahead, they too can prevail.


So, as you gaze upon these small creatures, remember that they have journeyed through trials untold. They continue to swim forward, reminding us all of the strength and determination required to succeed, both individually and as a unified team.

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